What If

by Grace Jim 6 months ago in heartbreak

I gave it all the thoughts I could!!!

What If

What if I told you that I never meant what I said when we fought in the hallway of your mother's house,

What if I told you that he never loved you the way I did,

What if I told that all the money we saved for the adventure we were talking about was spent on irrelevant desires,

What if that night I told you that I wanted a break from all this madness,

What if I never took a chance to allow you to hurt me the way you did,

What if all this was just another imaginary dream I had,

What if I never lost a job that kept us busy,

What if I became your purpose,

What if at prom I never took your hands to the dance floor,

What if this was all a big role in a popular Tv show,

What if I was at the other end of the world,

What if your mother never told me about her,

What if I was too far to be reached when you needed me,

What if I did let my insecurities get the best of us,

What if what we had ended before it even started,

What if I told you then how you made me feel,

What if I was originally blind to see through you,

What if I was at the brink of death,

What if our tomorrow was not guaranteed,

What if I never got that job out of town,

What if I didn't let go when I did,

What if I wasn't jealous when I saw you kissing her,

What if I was your first love,

What if we met at different time zone,

What if it was the 80's and you needed me as much I needed you,

What if we never gave way to lust,

What if our youthful years didn't involve the fights,

What if we never had this debt pulling us down to the earth,

What if we were stronger than we thought,

What if you never gave up on me,

What if I stood by you,

What if I never walked away when you were drowning,

What if I believed you,

What if I gave you a chance to come clean,

What if your mother saw me as a daughter instead of an enemy,

What if we introduced each other to friends,

Maybe just then we would have realized how wrong we were for each other all along.

Grace Jim
Grace Jim
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