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What I Want

by #SaveChambers 馃挏#SupportSivanAlyraRose Mich贸n Neal 3 years ago in surreal poetry
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Don't Need Me

Don't need me.

You can need things from me.

But not Me.

I will only be yours if you let me go free

If you let me be me.

I must fly,

I am air,

By Birmingham Museums Trust on Unsplash

But I'm never gone.

I am always all around you,

Even when spread thin.

I am like mist.

I rock you to sleep

And hold you tight

By Dawid Zawi艂a on Unsplash

Without ever touching you.

I skim your skin, every inch a delight

I lick you up...

But don't need me, baby.

I'm not your!

I am

I Am



Across your lips

By Guido Fu脿 on Unsplash

But don't need me.

By Joe Gardner on Unsplash

Don't 锘縩eed me.

surreal poetry

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#SaveChambers 馃挏#SupportSivanAlyraRose Mich贸n Neal

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