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What are you, Life?

a conversation with life

By Mohammed DarasiPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read
What are you, Life?
Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

Dear Life,

I know you flow through time without a particular care

To those who appear and disappear within you

I know you don’t need us to maintain nor dare

To question you

To look through you

To see you.

We know it’s not fair, but we’re curious

What are you?

What do want from us?

We struggle and travel through you. Continuous

Yet know nothing of what you want. So dubious


Why do you want to know,

Is it that important to you?

Just be grateful that I contain you, no?

Your existence is one you’ll never decipher

So just take it out of your mind. Make it lighter

Why worry about the big questions,

When there’s no answer in sight?

Just live, love, laugh and be bright

For life is a mystery… a marvel

Not one that you can unravel


You’re right, there is no answer in sight

But with continuous questions, I’ll never lose sight

I’ll learn more and more about your wonders

With each discovery I’ll continue to wonder

What’s next?

I’m ready to unveil more of you

To question and see more of you

Until the day I disappear

I’ll remain wondering about the sheer

Extent of you

What you contain, plenty rife

Forever wondering

What are you, life.


Your inhabitants

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About the Creator

Mohammed Darasi

I write fiction, poetry and occasional articles about interesting topics. I recently created a website (just because) which I will be posting my writing in (among other things). it would be great if you check it out. https://mindpit.co.uk/

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  • Roy Stevensabout a year ago

    Absolutely beautiful and strewn with warmth and longing. Lovely work sir!

  • Kristen Balyeatabout a year ago

    Oh my goodness, I just came here to see if you wrote more for Epistolary challenge- I have missed a lot of notifications. This was absolutely wonderfully done! I'm so impressed with this poem, and the conversational structure to it. Beautiful questions. Beautiful conclusions. Well done, Mohammed! Now to go see if I missed any more of your work!

  • Donna Reneeabout a year ago

    Ooh I love how you framed this as a discussion!! How cool! —I really thought I was subscribed to you already… hmmm well, I am now ☺️

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