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What a Writer Desires

A Poem

By Jasmine AguilarPublished about a month ago 1 min read
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What does a writer desire? 

A quiet space to read and write

The most minimal distraction a must!

A favorite drink of choice that sits by their side

A coffee, an iced latte, a simple soda or tea

A satisfying supply of delicious snacks as they write long into the day

What more could a writer desire? 

An endless flowing river of ideas 

A note book to write them all down

A note book worn with pen marks and ink smudges 

The inside pages filled with scribbles of story ideas and sketches

A pen that writes smoothly and effortlessly

Its ink gliding across the paper

A window that overlooks the most inspiring view

as you pick up a pen and start pondering. 

Writer, what inspires you?

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About the Creator

Jasmine Aguilar

Fascinated by pop culture and its effect on society... movies, music, books.. and pretty much anything.

I love writing and write a little bit of everything including a science fiction WIP!


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Comments (1)

  • Andrea Corwin about a month ago

    Wonderful! I can't "write" with pen/paper much as wrists get cramped, so I type. AND if I sit and write or read a long time, I am stiff so even though I could do it all day, I would pay for it. Breaks and stretches, coffee, and CHOCOLATE while writing; views out the window, birds flitting around, or a walk inspires me.💕

Jasmine AguilarWritten by Jasmine Aguilar

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