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What a Time to be Alive

by Michael Brandon Marchese about a year ago in performance poetry

Michael Marchese

Test my patience

Is a virtue

If you think

These words can't hurt you

Or subvert your bricks and thrones

To shallow caves of sticks and stones

And early graves of mogul masses

Unenlightened social classes

Cashing in the broadcaste system

Fearful fascist feudalism

Cataclysm communist

Red dead to rites of populist

We can't resist the terrorize

In refugees we demonize

So televise the violent crimes

And lionize the Frankensteins

Cuz' we all scream for Isis stream

To guillotine the fields of green

The Vaccines are the influenza

FDA is salmonella

Poisoning the stomach bile

In the processed garbage aisle

As the vile needle kills

The blood which pours as rivers spills

Polluted by the politics

The very air we breathe is sick

Like respirating pits of tar

A pack of Marbs is all we are

On par with country clubs of pigs

Who sell us lies and oil rigs

And stuff the stockings up with coal

And change the climate of my soul

To winter's blight of coldest steel

Still rusting in this rage I feel

Then melting in the wildfire

Of the funeral empire

Rolling thunder power dice

Of life and gambling on its price

As they repeal and then erase

All knowledge of this human race

performance poetry

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Michael Brandon Marchese

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