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Western Civilization

by Michael Brandon Marchese about a year ago in performance poetry
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Michael Marchese

Locked in a cell block of human live stocks

You can stuff it with ballots or build it with blocs

But the freedom you dream of is just an


To Malthus preclusions foregoing infusions

Of classes and races and genders and creeds

And the wanting more needs that democracy breeds

When we re-elect greed so it regulates voice

And then blows out our brains as it propagates choice

In the form of a cycle of wage-enslaved debt

Still trickling down into your glass of forget to regret

Politician magicians use sleight of hand theft

To empty both pockets, the right and the left

And campaign on the same cheaters running the game

Who off-shore account lion shares of the blame

For the blood as it leaks on the bills from the ceiling

Their crimes are 9/10ths of this court of appealing

Back door patrol dealing like pimps in a club

Made of rolling green Edens on Earth and above

Who deny us so much as a crumb of the cake

That we eat so much garbage it stops tasting fake

performance poetry

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Michael Brandon Marchese

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