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by Sean Noble about a year ago in love poems
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Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

Like the bees busy making honey,

I love kissing my Honey,

Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust,

I love you more,

Than your mother does.

My heart beating like drums,

hands clapping like churches,

Lips so kissable like Roses.

My feet needs a (14) days rest,

They are too weak,

her love, my place of rest.

her body my cushion,

she loves playing games,

love seeing her with the bat & balls in hand,

wishes coming through like a swing of a wand.

Like a day at Wimbledon,

speechless, awe.

The mind wonders,

Elmer Fudd shh.. I am hunting Rabbits.

The joy of a hole in one.

The image of her beauty,


Quintin & rubbing eyes.

Her body glows..

such excitement, what a surprise..

love poems

About the author

Sean Noble

Poetry from the spiritual mind expressing Ways of creativity. Read passionately mini sadness, pure happiness. I have no Stripe account but will accept gratuity via PayPal. [email protected] Thank you. Most High First Every Day.

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