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We'll Soon be Dust

You know that right

By real JemaPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
We'll Soon be Dust
Photo by Einar Storsul on Unsplash

We savour the palpable silence,

save the tinkling of ice upon glass.

All is quiet...

but what of the tension

that sparks the night?

Warmth flushes your cheeks,

but not from the fire that dances,

its the heat from the chemical connections

that bind us.

And now I am lost,

lost among sheer creases of lust,

lost in your eyes,

lost inside the open

tulip of your kiss,

lost between burlesque thighs,

your high heels over my shoulders,

testing the breadth of your sighs.

Oh how your delights implore me

to give in to the fire!

This is not love,

but it's love that brought

us to this point.

This is not romance,

but it's romance that lit the fire.

I close my eyes,

throw back my head

and think of England.

You give up all that you are to my desire.

For all that ails you...

I will be the cure!

For all my embroidered expressions

I am still a sexual creature,

an equal to your feminine allure.

We give in to this lust...

for tomorrow we'll soon be dust!

credit : @averagewhiteman

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real Jema

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  • M.B Hesperia 2 months ago

    Incredible , harsh reality of life.

  • Susan Fourtané2 months ago

    Who is @averagewhiteman?

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