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Warm Bath

by Cezarina Trone 2 months ago in inspirational · updated 2 months ago
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a dreamlike space

Warm Bath
Photo by Hanna Postova on Unsplash

When the chill of Indian summer evenings

begins to sweep through my bones,

my precious companion, this body of mine asks

for the comfort of a warm bath…

‘Your wish is my command’, I hear

my hands and feet speak louder than words

and I watch these limbs conspiring

to create a most luxurious bath. They are

gathering herbs from the garden to infuse

into bathwater and fresh flower petals

to adorn the surface of this soothing warm pool.

I watch a curious-minded hand test the temperature before

my body lowers into the sparkling lagoon. Lights off

and eyelids closing with the flicker of candles

illuminating the edges of the room… there is so

much self-love and tenderness in this soothing

moment of now and a dreamlike space opens up.

‘You are so loved’, the inner whisper said.

And each water molecule feels satisfied.


About the author

Cezarina Trone

As a child, I wrote poetry in fragrant gardens late at night under the moonlight. These days I bring magic, ease & healing to others 'making them light up from the inside'. Sound and Energy Healing Sessions available: www.cezarinatrone.com

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