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Breaking through concrete

A tribute to our wholeness

By Cezarina TronePublished 2 years ago 2 min read
~ blooming flowers coming out through concrete~

It takes a gentle perennial flower

not a hammer to break

through the concrete.

We were taught to force

our way into making things

happen. We believed a lie and

followed its manifested suffering

over so many timelines. We poured

and poured so much concrete into

our surroundings. Some of us can’t

even keep it out from under our feet.

But how could it be done otherwise?

They asked me.

Show me your weakness,

show me your shadows,

Show me your tears and your heartbreak…

Scream them out to me, sing them

or write them out here,

I said, and I will show their innate power.

This enduring gentleness

becomes an invisible force

that turns the world upside down.

This gentle perennial flower

can bring all tyrants to their knees.

And by “tyrant” I mean this constant

thinking brain in our own head

that is split from the wholeness of our Being.

It longs for the reunion of wholeness now.

Our human conditioning is being reversed.

We are learning to go down, down and downwards

into the body of the Earth

(by breathing into our own belly brain) and

she greets us there (this innate gentle power);

and only then… when consulted with her wisdom,

we rise once again and we bloom

from the womb of our knowing.

We are breaking through the concrete.

*** This poem was inspired by a recent interview I did with Marifran Korb, my friend and author of "Breaking Through Concrete" memoir. Enjoy the short interview here. After speaking with Marifran about her thriving experiences through a traumatic childhood and youth, the picture of the book cover (a beautiful orange flower blooming in between slabs of concrete) lingered in my mind and I became silent for a while; I walked into my garden and witnessed a rush of words carrying the energy of my own interpretation of what "breaking through concrete" means for us as human race in these shifting times. This is how this poem was born swiftly...on the wings of my awe.


About the Creator

Cezarina Trone

Writing a new world into existence, bringing magic, ease & wholeness to others 'making them light up from the inside'. Apart from writing, I dedicate all my time facilitating sound therapy and quantum energy sessions: www.cezarinatrone.com

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  • Marifran Korb19 days ago

    Dear Cezarina, Thank you for this thoughtful and thought-provoking poem. You have a gift with words. Your thoughts emphasize that we each can break through concrete gently. It comes naturally from being oneself, not forcing oneself to be something else, and not reacting harshly to what life brings. Gratefully, Marifran Korb.

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