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Wanna grow with You

Soul Journey

By Shital Ajit LondhePublished 4 months ago 1 min read

I wanna listen to your voice, when you could not speak a single word

Let my eyes,read it in your eyes...

I wanna support you,

When all will try to proove that you are wrong

Let my mind correct you when you goes wrong...

I wanna be with you,on a rough road

When destiny puts big obstacles in your path

Let my footprints follow you...to overcome

I wanna grow older with you..

Till the time , when doctors will say you have 24 hours left....to live

Let my heart beats for you for the last time....

Because you are the shadow to my life....

Believe it or not, ...

I wanna grow with you...grow with You...

Writer: - Shital Londhe

(Published earlier by Global Writers Project team in ' Anthology - In Pride We Rise.')

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About the Creator

Shital Ajit Londhe

I am a public figure (blogger/lyricist/author), who is working with global market publications, and my hobbies are singing, dancing, photography, writing articles, poems, gardening, spiritual activities, yoga, aerobics, counseling, cooking.

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    Shital Ajit LondheWritten by Shital Ajit Londhe

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