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to be truly known

By Kat The GirlPublished 8 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Dinah Liu on Unsplash

There once was a girl

Whose walls were so great

She never knew love

She never knew hate.

Afraid of the world

Afraid of the light

She'd hide in her head

Created stories in her mind.

She was petrified of loss

and terrified of grief

She thought if she never let anyone in

She'd always have relief.

But love is a force field

It exists either way

We can welcome it in,

or we can push it away.

It always gives glimpses

Subtle little hints

You can't quite avoide it

Even if you don't know what it is.

One day the girl

Felt an ache in her chest

It felt somewhat foreign

But familiar at best

At first she felt inclined to shut all the blinds

But as she got to know it

She found it was soft and it was kind.

It gently crept through her windows

And pushed down her walls

Once she looked it in the eyes

It wasn't scary at all.

It's resilient and all knowing

Has a mind of it's own

And to fully feel it

Is to be truly known.

If there's pain there is joy

If there's darkness there's light

To let love in

Is to know the meaning of life.

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  • Tamara Jacobs8 months ago

    SO BEAUTIFUL (insert crying emoji)!!!!

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