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Wales My Wales

by marie381uk 2 years ago in inspirational

Picture PostCard

Happy days when a visit to Wales, how it pleases

To sit by the sea as the ocean roar teases

A gentle breeze seagulls above, I am in love

Wales my lovely Wales Red Dragon roars

So many shades of green you delight me so

I just love it when my free days, reunite me with thee

To take my shoes off. My feet caress the sand

A packed lunch and can of fizzy in my happy hand

Feeling the breeze I close my eyes tight shut

I love Wales that's why I settle for nothing else but

Poetical sights, I reach for my note book and pen

Then by 6 am I am home, happy with family again

No am am not Welsh. I am from the NorthWest

When I visit you however, I am free and just at rest

Maybe in a different life I was from the valleys so green

In love with the picture perfect screen, you are my king,

I your queen. I love you my picture postcard land

So much people can’t really understand, my Wales my love



My Name is Marie, I write mainly poetry

I write subjects that I lean towards. No poetry by me, is related to me in any way unless I state it is. I have loved poetry from being 14 years old. Life is a poem grab a pen a tell your story xx

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