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Waiting for the Dawn

A Poem in the Time of Corona

By Naomi ElisabethPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Poppies at sunrise (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

The world is holding its breath,

stiller than e’er before

We’re all waiting,

Waiting for something...

For the dam to break

For the sun to shine

For the world to spin

For the birds to chime

For the curse to leave us all in peace

And for us to leave the house and cease

To live in fear each day, all year

Oh, leave us be!

We wait in fear

Holding our breath

Counting the days

Till we see the sun's glorious rays

Yes, my friend, we're still waiting

It's like that sacred breath before the dawn

When e’en birds stop their chatter

Hushed, they wait in silence

Waiting for the sun

I’ll join them in their vigil

Waiting for the dawn

Praying for this night to end

Needing to move on


About the Creator

Naomi Elisabeth

I am a poet, singer, writer, actress, and thinker who loves the world for its diversity and is looking forward to the freedom of traveling once Covid is over. My heart is in Jerusalem.

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