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Visiting the Dead

by Kaitlin Oster 8 months ago in surreal poetry

Under the deep black-green

Under the water I steadily tread.

Into the black-green, I sunk deep below.

The silt brought up visions left by the dead -

people I never wished to see or know.

Under the cold and the absence of sound

I slowly let out the breath I held dear.

Further, steadier, I let my thoughts drown

as the black-green pushed out all of my fear.

I counted to ten, twenty, and some more

before my arms pulled me from the black-green.

I broke the surface and washed up on shore,

the dead no longer reaching out for me.

I waited till the sun set dark and low,

deep black-green ablaze in her mighty glow.

surreal poetry

Kaitlin Oster

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