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Verba Volant, Scripta Manent

by Moch Aldy MA 2 months ago in social commentary

"Spoken words fly away, written words remain."

Sounds fly with the wind, writings are buried with dreams. The world goes by so fast, but the speed of sound can never beat the speed of light. Once again, light fell upon us, hitting the subdued darkness at five o'clock in the morning.

The sun illuminates the uncertainty at the crossroads between day and evening. Darkness must come, but light will illuminate the meaning of animate silence. Sounds hide in the lowest decibels, when faced with words that are immortalized on every left and right side of the human brain.

O how wonderful a writing is: a book. This rectangle, is the greatest discovery that accompanied the long journey of human civilization. Since thousands of years: centuries of darkness and centuries of enlightenment.

From the days of Jahiliyah and the Renaissance period—which is still thick, is also embedded in the memory. As the cliché goes: History is written by the victors, nurtured by blood and tears. And historically, every literature does have a much longer life than speech.

Maybe it's because speech always fluctuates in the eyes of time that comes with Alzheimer's, Dementia, Amnesia and other memory ailments—slicing us like Dyslexia. Granted, what the Dynamite (Nietzsche) said is true that life without music is a mistake—but I think living without ever writing a single word is the very definition of biggest fault.

A level above Agriculture, writing became the greatest invention of mankind—binding people of different languages, ethnicities and cultures—who never knew each other. Writes: books, bringing together people who praise the scientific method as the answer to human evolution from Homo Sapiens; with those who blindly worship his creed of Adam and Eve as ancestral entities from heaven, period, without a single question mark.

Like a hammer, books break down the walls of difference. Books, in fact, are much more real than a green room that is the setting for science fiction films in the contemporary history of our society. And books, never mind being born as fiction or non-fiction—with Lingua Franca or Lingua Sacra.

Although, he said, literary works in general always emphasize a balance between light and dark. But, in fact, many works only expose the dark side: literature of exposure. One thing is clear, writers and artists are maestros in spreading their pessimism and tiredness to the world.

The rest are Homer and the Odyssey; Shakespeare and Hamlet; Beckett and Godot; Nezami and Majnun; Conan and Holmes; Tolkien and Frodo; Jostein and Sophie; Nietzsche and Zarathustra; Camus and Meursault; Kafka and Samsa; Philo and Sophia—Us and Nostalgia

Once again, books are proof that humans are capable of surpassing Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry's spells: Abracadabra; Alohomora! The door to time and space travel was opened. This time, where are we going?

Ha ha ha! This mortal world is indeed too complex to be expressed in words, rather than being immortalized in various forms of metaphorical-scale words in the midst of writing.

social commentary

Moch Aldy MA

His works: Timbul Tenggelam Philo-Sophia Kehidupan (2020); Timbul Tenggelam Spirit-Us Kehidupan (2020); Trias Puitika (2021)

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Moch Aldy MA
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