Value of Earth's Soil

A Thoughtfulness ❤️

Value of Earth's Soil

Moved to distant land,

Now i realise the importance of my country,

Dedicated people that helped me become what i am today,

Caring people making me positive day by day,

Realising their worth now when i am far away from them,

Mesmerising memories filling my mind always,

Dreamy life,

Fun-filled ideas,

New hopes each day,

Life becomes worth living when you cherish sweet memories everyday,

My mother calling me back when i am in distant land,

Reminding me about first and foremost duty of selfless love,

Namaste to all loved ones is all what i say,

Love filled heart,

Sweet memories,

Nurturing my soul always :-)

Shweta  Sharma Devgan
Shweta Sharma Devgan
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