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Unworthy Puzzle

A Poem

By Angel AdagioPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Unworthy Puzzle
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Long ago, I was once whole

full of life, laughter, love

but that life wasn't for long

the person I met came from above

saw me broken in half and wanted to rebuild me

be the hero within the story

but over time they found someone new

someone whole

and with the broken pieces they had in their hands

let their heart follow the new person as though they were the new goal

the new prize to be won

and I was left alone

afraid of the dark

but that was the goal in the end

to pretend to mend the broken pieces

the unworthy puzzle

the last piece lost forever

and they moved on

but I couldn't

forever incomplete.

sad poetryfact or fiction

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Angel Adagio

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Comments (1)

  • Sweileh 888about a month ago

    Interesting and delicious content, keep posting more now

Angel AdagioWritten by Angel Adagio

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