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Dark Poem

By AjaxPublished 11 months ago 1 min read

In the realm of shadows, where darkness breeds,

A tale of horror, filled with eerie deeds.

Beneath the moon's gaze, a chilling rhyme,

Unveils a story from the depths of time.

In haunted woods where whispers seep,

A solitary figure begins to creep.

His eyes, like coal, reflect the night,

As he ventures forth, devoid of light.

Beneath the gnarled trees, the wind does sigh,

As nature weeps, sensing danger nigh.

Each step he takes, the forest cries,

For in his wake, a trail of death lies.

The moon's pale face, a ghastly guide,

Illuminates the secrets he can't hide.

A fiendish grin, etched upon his face,

A vessel of darkness, a soul misplaced.

Through forgotten tombs and graves unseen,

He glides, an embodiment of the obscene.

The specters watch with hollow eyes,

As his wicked presence begins to rise.

Whispers fill the air, like tortured souls,

The haunting melody of their lost goals.

In this twisted symphony, a chorus of dread,

The echoes of the damned, forever spread.

But in the heart of darkness, hope remains,

A flickering light that refuses to wane.

The souls of the innocent, steadfast and true,

Unite to challenge the malevolent brew.

They rise against the horrors that surround,

With courage profound, their battle is found.

The clash of good and evil, a tempest ablaze,

A desperate struggle, through the moonlit haze.

The horror poem ends, its echoes fade,

Leaving a lingering fear, a shivering cascade.

But remember, dear reader, as you lay to rest,

The power of light, within darkness, is best.

For in the realm of shadows, where nightmares thrum,

The triumph of hope can pierce the darkest slum.

So let courage be your armor, in times of despair,

And banish the horrors that haunt you, if you dare.


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  • Antoinette L Brey10 months ago

    Wow that was excellent. It would be great in. live performance

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