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Silent Husband:

Unseen Abuse

By AjaxPublished 11 months ago 1 min read

In a world where stereotypes reign,

Where perceptions bind and expectations constrain,

There lies a story untold, a silent pain,

Of a husband battered, his spirit waning, in disdain.

His soul bears the weight of bruises unseen,

A heart that bleeds, yet his suffering remains unseen,

For society's eyes, so blind to his plea,

Dismissive whispers echo, "It can't be."

In the shadows, he bears the scars, concealed,

Behind closed doors, a broken heart is revealed,

His spirit crushed, his dignity stripped away,

Yet the world turns a blind eye, day by day.

His tears go unnoticed, lost in the night,

His cries muffled, swallowed by societal slight,

For masculinity shackles him, chains him tight,

A silent battle fought, shrouded in the absence of light.

His strength and resolve tested, pushed to the brink,

But the world chooses indifference, refuses to think,

"No man can be abused," they ignorantly say,

While his wounds fester, deeper each day.

In this tale of sorrow, his voice yearns to be heard,

To break free from the silence, the whispers absurd,

For abuse knows no gender, no bounds or divide,

Yet his pleas go unnoticed, his pain brushed aside.

Let us open our hearts, remove the blindfold we wear,

Extend a hand, show compassion and care,

For in unity, we'll conquer the prejudice we face,

And let empathy triumph over ignorance's embrace.

For every soul deserves justice and peace,

Regardless of gender, let the stigmas cease,

May we stand as allies, break the cycle that ensnares,

And offer solace to all who bear these silent affairs.

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