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Betrayed Love's Bitter Embrace

Sad Poem

By AjaxPublished 11 months ago 1 min read

In shadows cast upon a heart betrayed,

A tale unfolds of love's cruel masquerade.

I, a wandering soul, did leave her side,

To distant lands, my duty to abide.

While duty called, my heart held no disdain,

Believing in a love that would remain.

Yet fate, with twisted hand, did intervene,

And unveiled a truth I wished unseen.

Within the confines of our sacred space,

Her faithfulness adorned a tarnished face.

As I traversed the realm of distant shores,

Her love, it yielded to forbidden doors.

Oh, how the embers of our passion burned,

In evenings where two souls in ardor yearned.

But time and distance forged a bitter blow,

As whispers of infidelity did grow.

Through whispers carried on deceitful breath,

I learned of her betrayal, cold as death.

In distant lands, where dreams turned to despair,

A phantom's touch was woven through her hair.

While moonlit nights embraced a tainted touch,

I was left to grapple with love's avouch.

Her words, once sweet, now pierced my soul like knives,

Leaving me adrift in a sea of lies.

The echoes of her laughter filled my ears,

But now they're tainted by unspoken fears.

The trust we built lay shattered at my feet,

A love undone by passions indiscreet.

Alas, my heart, once filled with fervent bliss,

Now bleeds in anguish, longing for the kiss

That once conveyed a love so deep and true,

But now replaced with pain I cannot undo.

In dreams, I see her silhouette afar,

Entangled in the arms of an ill-starred czar.

And while my tears may cleanse this wounded pride,

The scars remain, a constant ache inside.

Yet, through this darkness, I shall find my way,

And mend the fragments of my heart's dismay.

For love, though wounded, is not wholly lost,

And healing comes when wounds are faced with frost.

So, let me bid farewell to trust's demise,

And seek the strength to mend what love defies.

For in the ashes of a love gone astray,

A phoenix rises, finding a brighter day.

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