Untitled Poems

by Julia Gay 12 months ago in sad poetry

Written in Summer 2018

Untitled Poems


Well, I suppose that we have just learned

We are two broken people in this world

Two shattered people in a Hellish Earth

An Earth where nobody is hurt

We are just two glass-broken lovers

Living in this world without color

So, come with me. take my hand

And we can leave for a better land


You and me, forever we can be

Together under the crystal sea

We'll be one with each other, I guarantee


Look at me, and you will see

Another broken girl

Just another product of

This broken, broken world

Tell your daughters that

They can be anything

Don't ever let them doubt themselves

In their abilities

Don't make your daughters like

Me, a broken, broken girl

Don't make them victims of

This broken, broken world


Please don't leave me

Please just love me

Don't ever leave me

I'd die without you

Do you want me

broken? Our love,

tarnished? Please,

don't ever leave me

sad poetry
Julia Gay
Julia Gay
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