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Untimely Love

fading blush,

By Moharif YuliantoPublished about a month ago 2 min read
Untimely Love
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Beneath a sky of twilight's fading blush,

We met, two souls adrift in time's soft hush.

A chance encounter, whispers in the breeze,

Our eyes entwined, a symphony of ease.

Your laughter, like a brook in joyous flow,

Washed over me, dispelling shadows low.

Your smile, a sunrise chasing away night,

Ignited hope, a beacon burning bright.

We strolled beneath the boughs of ancient trees,

Where moonlight dappled leaves in silver seas.

We spoke of dreams, of aspirations held,

A tapestry of futures yet unwelded.

Your touch, a feather, light and oh so brief,

Sent shivers down my spine, a sweet relief.

A bond unspoken, yet so strong and true,

A yearning bloomed, a love both fresh and new.

But fate, a fickle mistress, played her hand,

A cruel twist woven in love's promised land.

A silent shadow, lurking in your gaze,

A premonition cast upon our days.

The stolen moments, fleeting as they were,

Made every breath a treasure to endure.

We built a world within a stolen hour,

A fragile castle in a love's sweet shower.

We walked with borrowed time, a precious loan,

Knowing the dawn would bring a heart of stone.

For you were bound by whispers of the breeze,

A fleeting flame that flickered through the trees.

We shared our fears, unspoken and profound,

A love forbidden, on no solid ground.

Each stolen glance, a bittersweet delight,

Aching for a future lost in endless night.

The stars, our silent witnesses above,

Heard whispered secrets, pledges of our love.

We carved our names upon a weathered stone,

A testament to love we'd never known.

The days grew shorter, shadows stretched out long,

A mournful dirge, a bittersweet song.

Your health, a fragile bloom, began to fade,

Leaving me a heart forever in the shade.

The final night, a tapestry of tears,

We held each other close, dispelling fears.

Your hand in mine, a warmth that wouldn't last,

A final kiss, a love that wouldn't past.

The dawn arrived, a pale and ghostly light,

Casting shadows where once our love burned bright.

The world moved on, oblivious to my pain,

But in my heart, your memory would remain.

The seasons turned, the leaves began to fall,

A constant echo of your whispered call.

In every whisper of the wind's soft sigh,

I hear your laughter, a teardrop in my eye.

Untimely love, a blossom cut too soon,

A melody unfinished, beneath the moon.

Though you are gone, your memory takes flight,

A constant star that burns eternally bright.

I'll carry on, with your spirit as my guide,

With every sunrise, our love will still confide.

For though our paths may never meet again,

Our love remains, a testament to men.

So sleep now, love, beneath the moon's soft glow,

Our love story etched in celestial snow.

Until we meet again, on some distant shore,

My heart will hold you, forevermore.


About the Creator

Moharif Yulianto

a freelance writer and thesis preparation in his country, youtube content creator, facebook

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    Moharif YuliantoWritten by Moharif Yulianto

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