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By Umama Zahir Published 5 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Artem Kovalev on Unsplash

Strolling on the shores

Unheard, unknown,

Long hair dancing in the air,

Like fierce waves,

Reminiscing the time

When her brother snatched her lunch,

And when her wails were heard

No one came to help her,

“Let him eat that, girls don’t eat much.”

Her mother pushed her aside.

She was skinny and pale,

And was imprisoned in jail,

Her thoughts running wild,

Recalling the time,

When her husband slapped her face

'Cause she went outside without his consent

And when her wails were heard,

No one came to rescue her,

“Be a good woman and obey your spouse.”

Her mother hung up the phone.

She was stressed and traumatized,

And was hopeful she would rise,

Thinking about last night,

Shuddering, wrapping her arms around herself,

When her son kicked her out,

'Cause she was nothing but a burden

And when her wails were recognized,

No one came to console her,

“Why can’t she let her son live in peace, such an awful mother.”

People whispered and smirked at her.

Walking on the beach,

Numbness took over her,

She wanted to scream,

She was sick of being deemed,

As the gender unseen.

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About the Creator

Umama Zahir

My name is Umama. I am passionate about writing and strive to create pieces that leave a lasting impact on my readers. Through my work, I aim to convey the depth of emotions and explore themes that truly resonate with the core of our being.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran5 months ago

    This was extremely heartbreaking! Sadly, this still is happening around the world.

  • Spark to Shine5 months ago

    Your poem is a beautiful tribute to the unheard voices in our society. Keep writing and sharing your work with the world!

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