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Unprecedented Think

By Rashid AyoubPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Philipp Böck on Unsplash

An intriguing jewel radiating brilliantly and fair,

In the profundities of the earth, it lies there.

Its excellence is interesting and it's worth unparalleled,

A fortune for all to see and share.

Its radiance moves in the illumination of day,

Mirroring the sun's warm and brilliant beams.

Its tones whirl like a hypnotizing show,

A stunning sight that blows your mind.

Its unique case works everything out such that one-of-a-kind,

It's a set of experiences, worth, and persona.

It's an image of riches and eminence,

A delegated greatness that none can investigate.

Individuals from all over venture to every part of the earth,

Looking for this pearl that has an interesting worth.

They dig profound, with tolerance and with merriment,

Expecting to track down this fortune of interesting birth.

Some say it's a gift from the divine beings above,

Others guarantee it's crafted by Nature's affection.

Yet, all concur that it's an image of harmony,

An intriguing diamond that won't ever stop.

In addition to its excellence makes it uncommon,

Yet in addition, the excursion that drove it there.

The difficulties confronted, the difficulties to bear,

All to find this diamond that is stunning.

It's an update that life is a fortune,

Loaded up with minutes that we ought to cherish.

That the things that are interesting are unimaginable,

Furthermore, ought to be valued, presently and for eternity.

So let this uncommon pearl be an image of trust,

A light in the dimness, and a method for adapting.

With life's difficulties, and its lofty slant,

Furthermore, let its excellence perpetually be a wellspring of trust.

In a world that is loaded up with such a lot of torment,

An uncommon pearl can give pleasure and trust once more.

An image of the great actually remains,

An update that excellence actually supports.

So grasp this uncommon jewel,

Also, let its excellence fill your territory.

For it's a fortune that is genuinely great,

What's more, an image of the uncommon and delightful in this

world we stand.

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About the Creator

Rashid Ayoub

I am an aspiring writer from Karachi, Pakistan. My field of experience and degrees are in Social Work and Information technology. I am working on a series of children's stories and I love to read mystery, romance, poets, and fiction.

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