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Unknown World

by Arthy about a month ago in social commentary

I don't know you the way I used to

Unknown World
Photo by George Bakos on Unsplash

The world I used to love so dearly, is becoming unknown to me

Maybe I was too young to see the chaos’

Growing up I never saw the things that I see now

With the media, news spreads like wildfire

But what crosses my mind the most is,

Yes another innocent life is taken away solely due to their color

But it crosses my mind how there might be so much more behind closed doors

Where the cell phones and cameras are turned off

When injustice is not being recorded

But we’ll never know

News will only cover a certain amount

But all will be forgotten

Till another incident like this occurs

I'm tired of seeing people misuse their power

We can give anyone a gun and a badge

We’re supposed to feel protected, not afraid

Now a murderer walks away free

But if the tables were turned

They would punish them to the extreme

The amount of hashtags I’ve seen makes me realize how some can be inhumane

Now we grieve for a soul who was innocent

How many more can we grieve for?

I’m tired of not seeing change

At the end of the day, we’re all the same

And no one should ever die this way

But also no one should ever be in charge who thinks this is okay

I don’t want this to become our normal

Please I don’t know if I can grieve for another innocent soul

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