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Universal Rant

by Goddess Arami 2 months ago in sad poetry
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Epiphany of a Lost Girl

Universe what is this ??

You throw me stones when I asked for ease and bliss.

I know shadow work is a thing but is there something that I missed??

I’ve been suffocating and begging but NOW I’m pissed

I’ve been drug through the mud since before I was born !

I gave you all my belief but now I’m torn!

Is it all just fake ? Is it all just thorns?

I feel like I’ve been sacrificed and you didn’t even take the time to warn!!!

What’s up???

Is it just my luck ?

I’m beaten down, I’m worn, I’m STUCK.

I know y’all expect me to say wtf

But no really ... WTF

You say , “you’ll see, it’ll become clear

You’ll be fine, just face your fears

Don’t worry, your time is near. “

Well I say, that time is HERE

I want freedom, So I’m gonna have it

I want solace, even if I have to DRAG it

I want my peace, so I’m gonna catch it

I just want to be free, for ME DAMMIT

Dear Universe, only I can do this for me

I’M gonna be the one to bring reality into my dreams

I’m gonna do it, you just wait and see..

Wait a minute ... universe.... are you me ???.....

sad poetry

About the author

Goddess Arami

I’ll be honest, I’m a very depressed woman. I am bipolar, I’ve been shot before, and I have a son. I sew things.

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