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Unforgettable Starlit Touch

Magical touch

By Lilian KinuthiaPublished 4 months ago 2 min read
Unforgettable Starlit Touch
Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

In the silent embrace of the midnight sky,

Where constellations paint a tapestry so high,

There exists a moment, pure and divine,

A love story written in the stars, forever entwined.

Under the blanket of the velvet night,

Two souls converge, guided by celestial light.

Their love, a melody only they can hear,

A symphony of hearts, conquering all fear.

In the realm of dreams and endless possibilities,

They meet where the universe reveals its secrets.

A touch like stardust, ethereal and rare,

Ignites a flame, a love beyond compare.

Oh, unforgettable starlight touch,

A dance of souls, a love that means so much.

In your gentle caress, galaxies align,

Creating a bond, everlasting and sublime.

With fingertips that trace celestial trails,

They paint love stories on the night's dark veil.

Each stroke a declaration of devotion and desire,

Burning brighter than the brightest star in the sky.

The moon, a witness to their sacred union,

Bathes them in a soft, luminescent fusion.

Its radiance illuminates their tender gaze,

Reflecting the love that sets their hearts ablaze.

In the symphony of silence, they find solace,

Wrapped in the embrace of cosmic grace.

Whispers of love echo through the night,

As they navigate this celestial flight.

Unforgettable, this starlit affair,

A love beyond time and space, beyond compare.

Their souls entwined like the cosmic dance,

Infinite and eternal, a lover's trance.

With every touch, they feel the universe within,

Two hearts intertwined, a celestial hymn.

A love story written in the language of the stars,

Etched in the heavens, witnessed from afar.

Oh, unforgettable starlight touch,

A love that transcends, means so much.

In your embrace, they find solace and bliss,

A love story destined, sealed with a kiss.

For in this vast expanse, where dreams take flight,

Their love remains, burning ever bright.

And as the night sky unveils its grand design,

Their love story lives on, an eternal sign.

Every time a star shoots it rekindles the feeling,

Counting the stars one by one and morning breaks

Still counting and will never finish counting,

That is how the touch will ever make me feel.

So, let the stars bear witness to this love so rare,

A tapestry woven with the utmost care.

Unforgettable starlight touch, forever etched in time,

A love story written in the heavens, sublime.

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About the Creator

Lilian Kinuthia

Thank you for stopping by. Your presence here gives me great joy to learn that someone is reading about me and is interested in my writing. thank you very much .To me writing is therapeutic let us read together and appreciate writing..

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