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The path to our love.

Love wins

By Lilian KinuthiaPublished 4 months ago 2 min read
The path to our love.
Photo by Shea Rouda on Unsplash

Upon the path of destiny's design,

Where two hearts met and started to entwine,

A tale of love began to softly bloom,

Bathing in the moonlight's tendered gloom.

Underneath the stars' celestial blaze,

We strolled together through enchanted days,

Our souls dancing to an ethereal song,

Each step taken, our hearts growing strong.

The path we walked was lined with petals fair,

Their fragrance filling up the summer air,

As nature's whispers gently kissed our skin,

Our hearts were swept away on love's sweet whim.

The sunlit meadows, painted in gold,

Witnessed the story that would forever unfold,

Hand in hand, we traversed through life's embrace,

In awe of the beauty found in each other's face.

Through verdant valleys, we wandered far and wide,

Exploring the secrets of love side by side,

Discovering hidden treasures in each other's eyes,

We found solace within love's infinite ties.

The path was not always smooth and free,

Yet we faced the challenges, you and me,

With every storm that dared to pass our way,

Our love emerged stronger, come what may.

In the depths of darkness, we found our light,

Guided by the stars that adorned the night,

With every moonbeam that shimmered above,

Our love grew deeper, fueled by purest love.

The seasons witnessed our love's changing hue,

Like autumn leaves that fell, our love felt new,

Winter's chill couldn't freeze our flaming hearts,

For our love burned brighter than fiery darts.

Springtime's arrival brought blossoms anew,

As our love bloomed, forever it grew,

Like fragrant petals, delicate and sweet,

Our love embraced the world with joyous heat.

Together we danced upon the oceans' foam,

With love as our compass, guiding us home,

Through gentle waves and tempest's roar,

Our love anchored us to love's sacred shore.

In fields of dreams, we etched our love's story,

Painting vibrant landscapes with hues of glory,

With every stroke, our hearts bled as one,

Creating a masterpiece beneath love's sun.

Through laughter's symphony and tear's refrain,

Our love remained steadfast, steadfast and untamed,

For on this path we vowed to forever tread,

Our souls entwined, our love never to shred.

So, as we walk along this path of grace,

Hand in hand, we embrace love's embrace,

The tapestry of our love, forever woven tight,

On this eternal journey, guided by love's light.

Through the twists and turns, we'll never falter,

For our love is a flame that will never alter,

Together we'll wander, forever hand in hand,

Along the path of love, our hearts fully unmanned.

And as the years dance upon our souls,

Love's melody will continue to unfold,

For the path we tread, our destiny's blend,

Is a love story that shall never end.

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About the Creator

Lilian Kinuthia

Thank you for stopping by. Your presence here gives me great joy to learn that someone is reading about me and is interested in my writing. thank you very much .To me writing is therapeutic let us read together and appreciate writing..

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