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Underneath the Mask

by Jupiter Grant 11 months ago in sad poetry

The calm façade is hard to achieve

Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

If you ask me how I am,

and I reply that I’m not great,

please don’t look at me with anger.

I’ve enough to cope with without your hate.

It isn’t easy being me.

My mind is full of dark nightmares.

When you dismiss me out of hand,

it makes me feel like no one cares.

I know that I still have a smile.

It’s plastered rigid on my face.

But though you think it’s genuine

I assure you that is not the case.

There is such turmoil in my mind.

A maelstrom swirls inside my brain.

While you may think I look okay,

Underneath it all, there’s naught but pain.

Don’t assume you know my story,

dismiss me like you don’t believe.

You’ve no idea how hard I struggle;

This calm façade is hard to achieve.

©️ Jupiter Grant 2020

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Jupiter Grant

Writer, Poet, Narrator, Audiobook Producer, Freelancer.

As you may have guessed, Jupiter Grant is my nom de plume. I’m a purveyor of fiction, poetry, pop culture, and whatever else takes my fancy on any given day.

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