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Under the willow tree


By Abdul QayyumPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Under the willow tree
Photo by Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash

Under the willow tree

"Why are you sitting so quietly?"

"I hear the rustling of leaves."

"What secrets do they tell you?"

"A Glimpse of Past Days and Dreams."

"Do they speak of sorrow or of joy?"

"Both, rooted like roots in the soil."

"Can you hear the children's laughter?"

"And the soft sighs of forgotten lovers."

"Do they mention the storms they have endured?"

"In hushed tones, they utter every storm."

"Is there any wisdom in their whispering?"

"Can prevent more than a thousand lifetimes."

"Do you find comfort in their shadow?"

"Peace, and echoes of distant memories."

"So shall we sit here together?"

"Yes, until the stars twinkle."

"Will the night bring different stories?"

"Moonlight embraces their song."

"And what about Fajr, will it sing too?"

"With the morning dew, new stories unfold."

"Will we understand them all?"

"Only if our hearts remain open."

"Then, we'll stay until first light?"

"Until first light, and beyond."

"Hear the leaves whispering?"

"And the silent voices they hide."

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Abdul Qayyum

I am retired professor of English Language. I am fond of writing articles and short stories . I also wrote books on amazon kdp. My first Language is Urdu and I tried my best to teach my students english language ,

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    Abdul QayyumWritten by Abdul Qayyum

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