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Two Poems by Chinese Women Poets

Period Chinese Poet

By Ahamed ThousifPublished 3 months ago β€’ 1 min read

1. Farewell to 'Lee'– Nye She (Period: 11th century)

Green coral fades

Flowers also wither



You are leaving this city of fire.

The vines are pale green in color.

I sing for you

'Yellow Sun in the Mountain Pass'

Farewell song.

We ride

Up to the fifth stone distance

We are side by side.

Trying to have sweet dreams


It's not easy either

Like us

For those who know the moments of love.

Tears on the pillow

Rainwater on stairs

rolled over


On window doors

till morning.

2. β€” Sun Tao Hsuan (Period: 12th century)

Ripped and danced

As seen

Shade of banana leaf.

Half of the full moon

of Kunkuma Math


blue sky

set off on

The wind blew.

Like a string of pearls

The song is nothing.


The singer is unknown.

Her face

Beautiful workmanship

The curtain is on.

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