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"Tweets" the Turaco

dances at your feet

By Tony MartelloPublished 24 days ago 1 min read

I am no Grinch

no Christmas spoil

I am no finch

twirling in soil

I am no Don Juan

behind an orange mask

but am always up for a

challenging task

to woo you lil birdies

and have a romantic blast

I won’t buy you flowers

or share my past

but will wear these white tassels

as long as they last

I won’t hassle to tell you

about my coat of green feathers

but will rub up against you

with my shaggy cashmere sweater

It aint funny about money…

the seeds I have

provide milk and honey

I sing along with the Congo drum

my song to you is no ho, rattle, hum

but to dance and strut

the day away

gyrating back and forth

I sway

to the African beat

dizzy from your spell

I fall at your feet

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About the Creator

Tony Martello

Join an author like no other on various tales that entertain, philosophies that inspire, and lessons that transform us. He is inspired by nature, the ocean, and funny social interactions. He is the author of Flat Spell Tales and much more.

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