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"Try Try Again"

"From Struggle to Strength"

By IsraPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
"Try Try Again"
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When the road ahead seems uncertain and long

And the weight of our struggles begins to feel wrong

We must remember to face our fears with a song

And try, try again, all day long

For every mistake is a lesson learned

And every failure is a chance to discern

The strength within us, the will to discern

And try, try again, until we concern

The doubts that creep in, like a thief in the night

Stealing our confidence, our shining light

But we must not let them win, without a fight

We must try, try again, with all our might

For every success story, began with a fall

A stumble, a setback, a moment of small

But the brave get back up, and try again, standing tall

And that's when the magic happens, when we stand at all

So don't give up, dear heart, when the road gets rough

And the voices of doubt, begin to get tough

Just remember, every great achievement, was once tough

But the ones who tried, tried again, and that's enough

To know that we can, overcome any test

And rise above, the struggles we've been blessed

To face our fears, and try again, with our best

And that's when the triumph, will be our crest

So try, try again, don't give up the quest

Keep pushing forward, and do your best

And when the doubts creep in, and the fears arise

Just remember, every great success, began with a try.


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Comments (2)

  • Esala Gunathilake2 months ago

    I loved the optimism in this poem!

  • This was very optimistic and uplifting! Loved your poem!

IsraWritten by Isra

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