Truth Be Told...

by Tyler Skye 2 months ago in surreal poetry

I know you feel that feeling too

Truth Be Told...

I know you feel that feeling too,

Don't sit over there playing games now,

That feeling we get when our thoughts align

Leaving our minds intertwined,

Bodies more ready than ever

Following fantasies that drip with passion

I feel it hit me in the gut...

Suddenly my heart drops several boulders

From the tippy top of chest

Not immediate in hitting,

But they heavily tumble, slow

Down into the stomach

Which is now the worlds deepest pit.

Within itself doing a flip within a flip

Just before the rocks hit

And the heart so fully overwhelmed

It falls out, right through the flesh,

Flapping in hopes it may fly, but failure

Though it lay, without having further broken

On the rigid, rock-hard ground,

I do not pick the heart up

As my mind has left the building,

Unsure whether or not it will be coming back.

All of this happens in just a split second

And in that second all bones are also jelly

Pondering if reality is a thing.

In the final stages of this feeling,

One will question if it is death

When a Genesis-record butterfly,

Flutters at a hummingbird speed

In what once a pit, is now a tiny little cage

That angers the butterfly,

Now fluttering with a wild rage,

As a seemingly unpleasant pressure floods the body

Almost as if I may cum, like I usually do

Pathetically, staring at pictures of you

Yet completely different, I'm not in my room

There are no pictures, I'm daydreaming

On the highway, going way to fast

But it won't be a car crash, this pressure,

Spontaneous combustion will be my COD

Sing 'only the good die young', for me!?

Nevertheless just as the feeling came, a surprise

The giant butter turns into a million littler flys

They escape like bats all rushing out of my body

That sensation is gone, I am left in a slight shock

I was daydreaming of my love and then,

A days journey in a split second of tension,

I know you feel that feeling too.

surreal poetry
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