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True Colors

The first draft of a poem from May 2021.

By Jaci SchreckengostPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
True Colors
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True Colors

I’ve been told I’m

bright yellow — just a

little too much; I’ve

heard I’m someone who

needs to be toned down.

My creativity is emerald

green — a color that

fits me perfectly. I

tried to ignore it

for far too long.

Thankfully, it waited patiently.

My anxiety is dark

gray or blinding white.

She has nothing in

between, and occasionally I

don’t either.

Love, now, is deep

purple. It is warm,

comforting, honest, everything I

began to think didn’t

really exist. It does.

My honesty is a

crimson red that makes

you ask questions. Some

say it’s too bright.

My colors are not

for everyone, but I

will never dilute them.


Some notes before you go:

Since I slacked on National Poetry Month, I've been trying to work those prompts (and new ones like this one) into my routine. I wrote this piece for the Color is Pride: True Colors Vocal+ Challenge, and I had a fun time writing it. This is an incredibly early draft, but I am excited to continue working on it. I hope you enjoyed!


Thank you for reading!

If you liked this, I recommend checking out another piece I wrote called Lights in Seattle.

Connect with me on Instagram @JaciSchreckengost.


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Jaci Schreckengost

Hey there, I'm Jaci Schreckengost.

Here are some pieces of my writing. They're all drafts; some on revision one, some on revision ninety.

You can see more of my work at jacischreckengost.com. I'm also on Instagram @JaciSchreckengost.

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