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My poem from day 1 of National Poetry Month.

By Jaci SchreckengostPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Pelle Martin on Unsplash

Hey y'all!

If you don't know, April is National Poetry Month. Every year, poets come together to write a poem every day of the month!

Like I did last year, I'll be following along with prompts from @AmyKayPoetry on Instagram. Her prompts are always fun, engaging, and I had a great time following along with her in 2020.

For April 1, the prompt was the following: "Throw a party! In Mindy Nettifee, she writes: 'I want to throw a party for the heart-break that turned you into a poet.' So let's do it. Let's throw a party for heartbreak. What would your heartbreak party look like? Write it and credit Nettifee either as an after or in an epigraph."

Below is my poem from the first prompt!


"I want to throw a party for the heart-break that turned you into a poet." - Mindy Nettifee

Every so often,

I grab the

champagne glasses

from the highest

cabinet and I toast

the girl who couldn’t

do cartwheels and

hated having her hair

curled. I toast the girl

who took the steps

and fell flat on her

face. Honestly, I only

toast her because she

stood back up. I find

the woman who now

looks back at me in

the mirror. I toast her.

I have a million reasons,

but I finally know

I don’t need one.


About the Creator

Jaci Schreckengost

Hey there, I'm Jaci Schreckengost.

Here are some pieces of my writing. They're all drafts; some on revision one, some on revision ninety.

You can see more of my work at jacischreckengost.com. I'm also on Instagram @JaciSchreckengost.

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