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to my younger self

dialogue poetry

By Chloe Rose Violet 🌹Published about a month ago 1 min read
to my younger self
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You don't know me, but I know you.

Who are you?

I am you and you are me.

Are you from the future?

Yes, you have so much to learn yet and I am here to teach you.

What do I need to know that I don't already?

For starters, you're not always right. Be teachable young one.

Okay fair point. I'm listening now.

You are wise beyond your years, always have been.

I don't feel very wise.

You're still young, you've got lots of time to learn from my mistakes.


Yes. If you don't heal what hurt you, you'll end up bleeding all over the people that didn't cut you. That's why I am here. I want you to understand what I did wrong so you can go move forward with your young life and do all the right things.

I don't understand.

You will.

Can I ask you a question?

Sure, of course.

Do I ever become happy?

You get better and that's the main thing. Keep reading and writing because it's going to save your life kid.

Nobody see's how happy it makes me.

Your grandma does.

Can you give me some advice?

There are people that see you and that big heart of yours. Don't be a doormat in submission but rather, hold the door open in kindness. I'm not going to lie, there may be a couple times where you'll just want to slam the door in people's faces and wear a big "KEEP OUT' sign around your heart but trust me kid, you cannot keep the world away from your light.

I don't understand what that means.

Trust me kid, you will.

Chloe Rose Violet 🌹

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Chloe Rose Violet 🌹

Writing from the heart about love, life, music, mental health, and everything else in between. 💀🥰

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Comments (2)

  • Esala Gunathilakeabout a month ago

    Nice work. But I can't give an exact advice 😪.

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    Now that's definitely sage advice! Loved your poem!

Chloe Rose Violet 🌹Written by Chloe Rose Violet 🌹

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