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To My Sunshine

Love, The Moon

By Kat ThornePublished 2 years ago 1 min read
To My Sunshine
Photo by Matthias Oberholzer on Unsplash

Pools of grey

Meet gold-streaked hazel,

Story old as time.

Hidden feelings exploding on a touch

Secret cuddles and stolen kisses,

A love too bright to not notice.

Milkshakes shared

As an excuse just to touch;

Fitting perfectly against your chest.

An emo boy

Turned model citizen

Who sweats out his sorrows,

Versus a daydreamer

Hiding herself in winged eyeliner

And superstitious jewelry.

Polar opposites

From the beginning,

But love doesn't care about that.

Stories of scars,

And poetic tattoos

Lay bare histories

As Sinatra is crooned

Through the laughter of sunflower fields.

Ferris wheel fronting

And New York fights

Always rushing in

With the self-sacrifice

Trying so hard

To Prove Yourself

But Why? And To Who?

I know who you are.

Green-eyed monsters

Twisting thorny vines between us.

Mistaken words

That can't be recalled

Raking knives through our trust.

Some stab wounds just won't heal.

Expectations and pressure

Weighing me down –

Not good enough,

Never enough.

Tainted self-images

Wedge the gap between us wider.

Silent tears running

Down my cheeks,

Once the darkness settles

To hide the streaks.

Long hours

Robbing us of time

To heal the growing cracks

Between us.

Nervous energy

Bundled into unnecessary gifts

Exacerbating underlying tension.

Long texts and empty promises

Begging, pleading just to try.

Separate rooms

And long showers

So you won't hear me cry.

Winter’s kiss drives the final nail

Into our icy grave.

Tales of rings in December

Fall on disbelieving ears,

I knew you’d end it in October.

Time can’t heal all,

A secret desire,

To hear you yell again.

When I released your heart,

I couldn’t bring myself

To reclaim mine.


About the Creator

Kat Thorne

Just muddling through life, trying to be the good sort of chaotic energy.

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