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Times Up

sometimes we don't realise how time pass by

By Tamseel HussainPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
poem for times

Sometimes we think there is enough time

We get caught up with work, and everything gets tuff

I always thought things are easy

It’s crazy how we forget we are same

And we regret the truth which isn’t hiding

I'm always finding a way out to you

Your miles away in another country

My smile doesn’t help me stay even I try hard

I cry quietly so I no one knows

I wait for the time to pass, but its slow

I close my eyes and see you as a star

But when I open my eyes

I see the star going far away from me

Sometimes things don’t work the way I want.


I wrote this poem to a friend. Well they don’t even know.

The poem means, time doesn’t stop, it’ll keep on ticking the clock. Things change by itself.

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Tamseel Hussain

Hey Random Person,

My name is Tamseel, and I am poetry writer, story writer. I write about what I see, think, and feel.

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