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Times Are Tough

The struggle is real, for us so called millennials.

By Jessica RasilePublished 7 years ago 2 min read

The struggle is real, for us so called millennials.

Desperately trying to live in a world so devastated by poverty and greed that we cripple under the pressure.

We are so ruined as a people that most of us barely survive.

Day to day, just going through life scraping the bottom of the barrel.

We are all damaged souls walking around aimlessly looking for something to get us through.

Everybody needs something.

But it just always seems to be out of arm's reach.

So many things put in place to apparently help us, yet were all still grasping at straws.

Inch by inch, trying to crawl our way up from the bottom.

We're stuck in the the ruins that were destroyed before us.

We never stood a chance.

We had no idea what kind of world we were being born into.

We never asked for this.

This life, this world.

It's unimaginable to think there ever was a time we weren't struggling that we weren't fighting for a shot to live a good life.

There doesn't seem to be any end in sight, not a chance for us to be the victors.

We as a people are too poor to fight against the machine that is our superiors, our leaders, our elders.

The ones who stood before us and created this travesty of a place that we are now forced to fix, no matter what's stolen from us in the process.

Always hoping for things to change, to get better, but what is hope?

It's a dangerous thing put in place only to let us down, disappoint us time and time again.

Hope, for what? A bright future that's long ago been dimmed?

How do we rebuild the last 50 to 100 years fast enough for us to reap it's benefits?

We can't.

They've sacrificed us as a generation to settle themselves.

What could we do?

We didn't know, and now we're stuck.

Stuck in this pit of hell on earth.

Created by the helping hands.

We're doomed as the human race.

The only thing left for us to do is die off one by one, leaving behind nothing to be remembered by.

We will be a forgotten time to which no one will look back on and be grateful for our services, our sacrifices.

We will just be lost with the years and all the pieces destroyed within them.

Us millennials will be nothing more than a blank piece of the puzzle.

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