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Time is Precious

Every Moment Counts

By Charlene EllisonPublished 6 years ago 1 min read

Have you ever wondered where the time went within a day?

Most people say that time is what they wish they had more of in a lifetime

Yet it was used wisely we would probably use it in a different way

No, but as humans we procrastinate and put off today for tomorrow

Unfortunately, life happens, and the future is unclear

It can leave us with a life filled with happiness or sorrow

Would you ever throw away a dollar bill without fear?

People pay for precious things to them yet forget what is required to enjoy it

In life we all take things for granted and reap what we sow

It is the one life we all receive to live it to the fullest as we see fit

When you are young there is so much to do and places to go

Sometimes you must remind yourself to eat or even sleep

Therefore, once you begin to age your body changes and you move slow

Once a person reaches wisdom they appreciate time

Time is what is spent wisely and with loved ones for memories

That’s when you know that you are in your prime

When I look back at life there is so much I could have done

I would have traveled more and enjoy the gift of life

Too busy working I could have had a daughter or a son

Precious is the meaning of every second…it all counts

Time flies when you’re having fun is what they say

At the end of the day make sure that it amounts

So, the next time you say better late than never

Please remember how precious time is so do not let it slip away

We are here for the moment, yet time lives forever

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About the Creator

Charlene Ellison

I am a graduate student in general psychology. I love to express emotions through creative writing leaving individual's with a positive thought out of a bad situation!

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    Charlene EllisonWritten by Charlene Ellison

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