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Love Lost


By Charlene EllisonPublished 6 years ago 1 min read

It was a rainy night and she was grieving over a breakup

She was a sore sight to see with messy hair and tears falling down her cheeks

He left her for a younger woman who cannot cook and wears too much makeup

She looked in the mirror to see a different woman who had let herself go

Her clothing was considered old-fashion and it was considered cheaper to keep her

He took her self-esteem when he left, and she felt that she has nothing to show

Although, she wept for many nights off memories of a stolen love

One day, she awoke to a new inner peace and she had a new outlook on life

She was no longer this bitter woman, yet she was ready to remove the glove (mask)

When she received her makeover, her appearance was jaw dropping beautiful

While in the mall a man approached her asking her out for a date

She smiled at the respectful masculine tall man that could be suitable

Although, he caught her off guard she pulls herself together and accepts his offer

They eventually went on several dates over the next eight months…she was glowing

He pulled up one night in a stretch limousine with a chauffer

She approached him he got on one knee to ask her hand in marriage and she said yes

The following day she was out shopping, and she saw her ex-spouse

He replied, “You look as good as the first day I met you I must confess”

She replied, “I am out looking for furniture for my house”

He replied, “The younger woman left him for a younger man”

Although, he had thrown away 15 years of marriage away

She replied, “I am sorry to hear that, and I have moved on with Stan”

The moral to this story is the grass is not always greener on the other side

Love is a bond between two people yet when the bond is broken

Your black card has been revoked and yes you have been denied


About the Creator

Charlene Ellison

I am a graduate student in general psychology. I love to express emotions through creative writing leaving individual's with a positive thought out of a bad situation!

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    Charlene EllisonWritten by Charlene Ellison

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