Time and Again

A Poem

Time and Again

Time and Again: a Poem

Time and Again,

I wait in Vain

Wishing upon a star,

that this distance won't forever remain far.

As I close my eyes

All I can utter are sighs;

For all I see is us

And my feelings react thus.

All I see is you.

Circumstance mocks

with a merry dance.

With all my entire being,

I want to let go;

From these memories, I am fleeing.

Though, that same feeling, that same want,

makes me daunt;

I've never had the option to feel this.

Like a Dove,

You symbolize everything I was afraid to accept in others

For I am Gaunt with Love

For loving a Ghost,

like a mirage on the farthest Coast,

is only a self-inflicted illusion,

Creating Confusion.

Though I know these feelings have meaning

or else I wouldn't feel them still.

Life's Perceptual Poetry
Life's Perceptual Poetry
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