Seeking Absolem

Poetry for the Surreal-minded

Seeking Absolem

In this world of dreary,

My only escape is beyond;

the Veil of the Wood which is eerie.

When I happen upon a sparkling Pond.

I walked along its lawn,

when I happened upon a Swan.

I approach with fear,

that soon turns to sorrow so drear.

For this Swan was unlike any other.

A Swan who's lost its Mother.

As the Swan looked upon me,

I see,

that the situation is worse than expected,

The Swan sang in his Honking tone,

"Oh, dear. Oh, dear

How much it is I fear!

For these tears I shed

Does nothing to remove this Crimson Red!"

At first, I knew not what he meant.

Until I found the cause of his torment!

One of the poor Swan's wings was bleeding.

Oh wait!

As I tried to clean the wound, I realize

that what I thought was Blood was the guise of being half Robin.

As I sit back in confusion, the half breed Swan cries out in Exclusion.

I know not how to help this outcast bird


I feel a burst of Cold

and in a Blue blast,

I see a bunch of Blue Butterflies!

As I look on in wonder,

those Blue Butterflies take flight.

Though, instead of flying away,

they collide with each other.

Until Lo and Behold,

A Man in Blue appears before me.

He looks at me with a mischievous grin

As he asks,

"Who Are You????"

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Life's Perceptual Poetry
Life's Perceptual Poetry
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