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Through the Eyes of Wonder

A Poetic Journey of Vision

By Raj’s VocalPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
Through the Eyes of Wonder
Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash

In a world of wonders, where sights unfurl,

Let me paint a poem on the gift of vision's swirl.

Where colors collide and dreams come alive,

Through the lens of sight, we learn to thrive.

Behold the dawn, a celestial ballet,

As sunbeams pierce the veil of night's dismay.

A canvas of hues, a masterpiece divine,

Whispering hope as the day begins to shine.

In nature's realm, a tapestry so grand,

With landscapes that captivate and expand.

Mountains that soar, kissing skies so high,

Inviting our gaze to reach and defy.

Gentle petals unfurl, like poetry in bloom,

In gardens of wonder, dispelling all gloom.

A symphony of colors, vibrant and bold,

A fragrant invitation to stories yet untold.

Oh, the wonders of art, a feast for the eyes,

Brushstrokes that dance, telling tales and lies.

The stroke of a brush, a master's skill,

Transcending reality with each vibrant thrill.

Through windows of time, we peer into the past,

Reliving history, shadows that forever last.

Ancient ruins and relics, echoes of old,

A window into worlds that history holds.

But vision is not just what eyes perceive,

It's the ability to see and truly believe.

To look within, to understand the soul,

To witness beauty, both broken and whole.

So let us cherish sight, this extraordinary sense,

A kaleidoscope of experiences immense.

In every glance, a story to unfold,

A reminder of the wonders life can hold.

For through our eyes, we witness life's parade,

In all its glory, in every shade.

With grateful hearts, let us behold,

The gift of vision, a treasure untold.


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