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Three of Seven Sins

Entry 3

By Katarzyna CrevanPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Three of Seven Sins
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My vision and world are red


Violent tremors shake my being


My breath and words are warm


Blood roars loudly in my head

I can't think

Too many thoughts are in my head

Clamoring over the roar of my blood

I'm shaking and roaring

Red hot words falling out,

Filling the air like claps of thunder

I will have my vengeance

I will be vindicated

I will paint the world in red

I will leave you in the cold, shaking

There will be no heat but from my words

My roar will be the loudest on this battlefield

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About the Creator

Katarzyna Crevan

Hi! I enjoy writing and have been writing for some years now. I hope you enjoy my writing!

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    Katarzyna CrevanWritten by Katarzyna Crevan

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