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This moment

a taste of gratitude

By Emmy BPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

This moment is blue, is white and is blinding,

Here we lie with the millions of grass blades rushing to reach

the blue globe surrounding the earth – they are green and sparkling

with morning, dull with shadows where the light cannot breach.


An eye meets the sun, a smile tastes the warm nature

of the afternoon. 1:02, the grass whistles.

This moment exists and survives without rupture.

As real as the prickly weeds gripping to my shirt at all angles.


This moment exists, simplicity in its purest form,

alone with the sun, the sky and the bough,

it tastes sweet, like raspberry lip gloss on your teeth, warm

and sugary awkwardness. It won’t be remembered, this moment exists for now.


Don’t stop and think about where the sky comes from, where it must be flying,

but that it’s here, it’s blue, it’s white and it’s blinding.

nature poetry

About the Creator

Emmy B

I write some of my truths, and use words to weave stories and ideas together. Writing is a passion and an outlet for me and I hope to inspire, challenge, or simply be a reflection of others's experiences - to make people feel seen!

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