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This land misses you

and so do i

By esther hopePublished 3 months ago 1 min read

This land misses you, oh how it does,

The closest thing to you, now just because,

I care for it like you would have done,

Taking on your legacy, with every rising sun.

You were my guide to tend this plantation,

But life had different plans, a cruel creation,

Inheriting your land was never in my scheme,

But now it’s my duty, to keep this land a dream.

Dad, there’s so much you’ll miss, it's true,

So many things you needed to do,

But I’ll keep your memory alive,

And for this land, I’ll strive.

It’s not just a piece of earth, to me it’s more,

It’s a part of you, that I can adore,

So I’ll care for it with all my might,

And keep your spirit shining bright.

Dad, this land misses you, and so do i

And though you are gone, your legacy will shine,

I’ll honor you by taking care of it.

This land, now mine, will forever belong to you.

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