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This is me

by Kelli Sheckler-Amsden about a year ago in sad poetry


This is me
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This is me, letting you go

This is me, becoming the girl we both used to know

This is us, not what we were

This is me, living alone and you living with her

This is pride, this is respect

This is me, changing my ways, not me, getting upset

This is the pain, fading away

This is me, beginning to smile again, not cry everyday

This is peace, not judgement or fear

This is finding a way to get through without you here

This is release, struggling to let go

This is leaving a love broken, but still with something to show

This is hard, This thing takes time

This thing reminds me of my fear that you are not mine

This thing Ive fought, I tried to hold on

This thing is keeping me stuck in one place since you’ve been gone

This is a mess, I held on so long

This is me trying to accept that you may have really moved on

This is my heart, broken in two

This accepting that ½ of it will always belong to you

This is my hope, that I will be, a fond memory for you whenever you think about me

This is you, the man that I love

This is the moment we finally let go of how it was

This is us beginning again, together or not, still remains to be seen

This is me allowing hope in

This is a start of love and a life as it begins

This is the truth, not shaded or false

This is trusting in fate that whatever is meant, wins at all cost

This is me, letting you go

This is you becoming the man you want to show

This is you rebuilding your life

This is us being friends first, not husband and wife

This is the time, we both know that it is

This is the moment we get to become whatever we choose

This is me, letting you see me

This is the moment you reveal, just what you see

This is hello, and this is goodbye

This is when you and I have to finally decide

Just what this is, and time will tell

If it’s Heaven we made these past years while walking through Hell

This is us, I don’t know what that means

This is us becoming much more than our wildest dreams

This is us letting go of the past

This is us rebuilding a love with fire and substance to last

This is…….to be continued

sad poetry

Kelli Sheckler-Amsden

Telling stories my heart needs to tell <3

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Kelli Sheckler-Amsden
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